Fountain Colorado Family Photographer

I am going to throw this out there and say this was by far my favorite photography session to date. What made it special? Well, this is my family. When I think about taking family photos all around Colorado Springs and editing everyone's pictures I'm often hit with disappointment that I don't have family photos myself. Family photos can be so stressful, from coordinating outfits, to finding the perfect location and choosing the right photographer - it's a big task. There are many random locations in Fountain, CO where I live that I drive by and tell my husband "this is a perfect spot for pictures" and he says sure, with uncertainty in his voice. But in the pictures below we had two unexpected days together with all the members of my immediate family and we threw together what we could. We were in a different state none of knew nothing about and drove around for an hour trying to find the spot Google told me was the perfect location for family photos. The sun was setting, the kids were getting tired of our jokes and grandma wanted to get back to playing Bejeweled on her phone so we pulled over on next to this sports complex (I think) and decided to capture what light we had while we had it.

Just like driving around and looking for photo spots in Fountain this one worked out. It was not the most glamorous place, we didn't have a full sunset behind us nor did I shoes match (ha!) but we had the greatest time just being a family and telling jokes, finding a topic we can all laugh about (my absurd photo prompts) and just enjoying each others' company. I think as a Colorado Springs photographer specializing in family photo sessions that's what it's all about - being a family not trying to make a picture perfect. At the end of the day, when we're comfortable which in turn will reflect in your family photo sessions.